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* From the position of June 30, 2016 inclusive, the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position represents the position of Sonae Indústria under the new perimeter with the 50% shareholding in Sonae Arauco, SA (before Tableros de Fibras, SA or Tafisa) equity accounted.

The Consolidated Income Statement for 2016 shows all the companies included in the consolidation perimeter of Sonae Arauco classified as "Discontinued Operations" until May 2016, and accounted by the Equity Method as of the 1 June 2016.

** Due to the fact that one of Sonae Indústria’s main assets (its 50% shareholding in Sonae Arauco) is now accounted by the Equity method, Proportional financial indicators are presented, given their greater relevance for the purpose of valuation and leverage analysis of Sonae Indústria today.

*** FTE's excluding 100% of Sonae Arauco operations.
(FTE’s including Sonae Arauco operations: 3,269.)

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