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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name SONAE come from?

SONAE comes from the original name of the firm created on 19 August 1959. At that time the Company was known as SONAE - Sociedade Nacional de Estratificados, SA, and it was concerned with the production of decorative laminated products. This has further developed into the production of high pressure decorative laminates, which it still manufactures today, under the name LAMINITE in one of the Sonae Indústria group of companies.


Sonae Indústria is a listed company on the Euronext Lisbon and has 31,3917% of its capital distributed among private and institutional shareholders, both domestic and foreign. Most of its capital (68,6083%) is owned by EFANOR INVESTIMENTOS, SGPS, SA.

How can I obtain a copy of SONAE INDÚSTRIA's Consolidated Accounts?

The best way to obtain a copy of the annual report of Sonae Indústria is to ask it directly to the Company, by using the form available in Investor > Management reports > Request Documents or by downloading the information desired in Investor > Management reports.

Does SONAE INDÚSTRIA have opportunities for newly qualified young people?

Sonae Indústria sponsors the Grupo Sonae CONTACTO programme. Since 1986, Sonae has invited 120 final-year students in higher education courses from all over the country to the CONTACTO programme. Although this programme has a certain element of communication, it has nevertheless functioned over the years as a means of recruiting scores of young people, many of whom hold important positions in SONAE today. If you want to take part in the CONTACTO programme, keep a look out in February and March, at your higher education institution or in the Público newspaper, where the programme is advertised. To keep up with the latest news, you can visit this site at regular intervals, or read the advertisement pages in the specialist press, where a variety of opportunities appears from time to time.