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Monday, 15 September 2014
Sonae Indústria equips luxury hospital in Abu Dhabi

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In recognition of their endeavour to increase its international expansion, Sonae Indústria saw its efforts rewarded and is providing, as of December 2013, some of their most important and emblematic materials to the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi..

This is a luxurious hospital situated in the capital of the United Arab Emirates that will open its doors at the end of this year to patients from all over the world. The hospital will have a staff of approximately 5500 doctors, englobing 175 medical departments.

The Cleveland Clinic is also finalizing a project for the construction of high-quality residences for the many thousands of top professionals in the health area who will be hired to work at this facility.

The materials provided by Sonae Indústria for this building project (hospital and housing facilities) include Sonaepan MDF FF (with no added formaldehyde) coated in melamine paper, a solution which has several applications, namely in the interior of the building´s surfaces and in its furniture. Total investment has surpassed half a million Euro.

Please find out more about Sonae Indústria’s participation in this project in the attached document.

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