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Monday, 20 January 2014
New INNOVUS website: easier to use and more complete

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Launched in January 2011 in Central Europe, the INNOVUS brand has since expanded to be commercialized in more countries, to include more products such as the INNOVUS Worktops collection, and also to develop new concepts such as the INNOVUS Everyday range of décors in stock at selected distributors.

The progress of the brand had to be accompanied by the evolution of its communication tools, namely its dedicated website.

Thus, a project was devised to develop the website in order to make it more flexible, more visual (showcasing the best of INNOVUS) while still continuing to support our business worldwide! A prerequisite was also to make it automatically adaptable to any device given the rise of mobile access.

The new website was launched in mid December 2013 and includes new sections such as a gallery of projects using INNOVUS décors, more information about products, an area dedicated to applications and another one displaying the décors’ different textures. Professionals such as architects or interior designers can also request samples or catalogues directly from the website and also request information.

The end result is a website which is easier to use and more complete. We invite you to check it at

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